Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Makes My Heart Soar
The kids in Norma's class were waiting patiently for their time to construct the Solar System.  Attentively they listened to Mrs. Jena teach her class when one of them had a brilliant idea to build their own.  They gathered objects around them and below is what they created.   Shannon quietly took photos and the pictures show the story of their little creative minds. 
                        Alex and Kaden are perhaps the brainstorm creators of this project since the picture shows the two of them going first. The project grows as everyone is participating and taking turns.
                    Jami and Rachel, being the daughters of Mrs. Rebekah,  remembered some
                 planets had rings. They selected leaves to place under the planets.
 Notice the pine needles.  They are the asteroid belt. Although not  in proper position, they deserve credit because they didn't even do the lesson yet.
Ta Dah !!---The master piece of great minds.
This was the highlight of my day yesterday.  How delighted I was to see them take what they heard and apply it to the world around them. 
Shannon your a smart mom to quietly observe all of  this without adult direction or correction. I think it is a superb display of creativity and character on their parts..  Thanks for sharing the photos

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